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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Co-Curricular Record a part of my transcript? Is it issued out of the Registrar's Office?

The CCR is not part of the CapU transcript and is not issued out of the Registrar's Office. The CCR is validated by the employees of CapU who supervised the student in the positions listed on the CCR transcript. Students can print and access their CCR transcript from their account within this website.

Do I have access to my profile on the CCR website after I graduate?

Yes, as an alumnus of CapU you will have access to your record. Please login via the alumni tab.

I participated in an activity and the activity is not listed in the CCR Directory, what do I do?

If you think the activity you participated in qualifies as an eligible CCR activity, you can contact to further discuss the matter. To find out more about what qualifies as an activity.

Can activities be added retroactively to the CCR?

All activities and positions started after 14 May 2018 can be validated. The launch of the software at the end of the summer term 2018 allows us to retroactively recognize activities which occurred during the 2018 summer term only. Going forward from 14 May 2018 students must submit their position to be validated within a calendar year of completing the activity or the record will not be validated.

Are CapU Student Employee positions included in the CCR database?

Yes, any CapU student employee position can be counted towards your CCR. If you do not see your position listed in the directory, please contact your work supervisor for them to learn how to become validators. Questions can also be directed to

Which experiences are CCR Certified?

To be certified as a validated CCR activity, all the criteria set out below must be met. The criteria are based on activities that aim to:

  • encourage and support student growth and development
  • contribute to the greater life, atmosphere, and culture of the CapU community
  • relate directly to a student's experience while at CapU
  • be considered co-curricular in nature according to the CCR criteria and not required for academic credit. These cannot also be recorded on the students' academic transcript or be considered a contribution to courses recorded on the academic transcript)
  • meet validation process requirements
  • align with at least one of the official CCR competencies
  • be included as a Capilano University or a Capilano Student Union run activity with a current university employee or Student Union staff member deemed to be a validator of said activity.

When should I add my experiences to my record?

Students can add their experiences before or after the position has been completed but these will not be validated until after the position has been completed.

What is an authenticity code?

Every CCR is given a unique authenticity code. Whomever the student has shared that code with can go to this site (link to the site) and verify it as an official CapU CCR activity.


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